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Red Edge

Noel Paine

At the time of making this Weinerwald painting, I was searching for a colour to off set a particular composition and subject.

Here I found a red. I wanted more of the colour red in a painting. Or perhaps more of a non-natural industrial colour, from within the landscape.

With this red container/shed on the edge of the Wienerwald, in a private garden., I found more than just a colour.

I also found a very industrial shape, this set me off from the start.

The painting was made over two seasons,. Within these two seasons the changes were so strong the painting had to change with these new ideas.

The two yew trees to the right and left of the composition thickened far more than I had expected.

The most significant change was the growth of the small tree directly in the middle of the painting.

Before I started the work I had also been attracted by the very strong vertical trunk in the middle of the composition dividing up the canvas, but the small tree that grew further to the front could not be ignored.

From this changing foreground, the whole painting took on a new dimension, the red and strong vertical in the middle, becoming secondary to how the painting can be read. At the same time remaining these factors [the red and the strong vertical] are off-set by everything else in the composition.

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Additional information

Dimensions 120 x 120 cm
Medium oil on Linen
Year 2016