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Meet My Artist

Get to know the artists

At the tender age of 5, the founder of artContraire, Alexander, was given the opportunity to meet a man in the presence of his parents who sold paintings. They were enthusiastic about him and said that he was a famous artist. Because he was very nice to Alexander, he was always happy when they visited him. As Alexander wasn’t able to remember his name, he always called him “Mr. Artist”. Everyone laughed because of how he addressed him, but over time, all his family members started calling him “Mr. Artist”.

Alexander became older and he had the honor to meet further famous artists. His parents bought him a lot of artworks on occasions like Christmas and they tried to keep in contact with the creators of the works. Alexander got the opportunity to meet artists and dive into their world of colors, forms and fantasies. This has not only given him a first glimpse into the personality of the artists, it also has deepened his understanding of their artworks.

“Meet My Artist”

This experience is something we would like to share with our customers of artContraire as well. As an appreciation of your decision to buy art from us, artContraire offers you a personal encounter with the artist.

“Meet My Artist” is our special offer to you. As we have a very good relationship with all our artists, we have received the unique privilege from them to offer you the possibility of a “Meet and greet” when you buy one of their artworks. In this way, you can meet with the artist in his working place, you can get to know his way of looking at his art and you can throw a look at the person behind the artist. It would be a great pleasure for artContraire to share this opportunity with you. Our artists are already looking forward to meet you!