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Our Team

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

This motto embodies the spirit of our team like no other. We are dreamers, but we do everything we can to make our dream a reality.

Team Members of artContraire

Experienced, creative and talented people from different paths of life come together to form a unique company.
Hans salcher alexander weiskopf atelier
The Main Actors

Our Artists & Artlovers

The core of our team are Our Artists. These talented, visionary and bold minds shape artContraire, motivate us, bring us all together and unite us with their art!

Ingo Zipser
The Creative

Ingo Zipser

Traveling was always part of my life. With traveling, I got intrigued by the variety of art in places around the world. Today I strive to discover unique artists, find different concepts of art and most of all share their passion with the world. artContraire gives us, our artists and the artlovers this opportunity.

Alexander Weiskopf
The Maker

Alexander Weiskopf

I grew up with artists and their work, got inspired and today I cannot imagine living without art anymore. With artContraire now I can pass on what I have learned to unique, young and talented artists. Our artists are the core of our team.

Andreas weiskopf
The Godfather

Andreas Weiskopf

Seeing and advising the artContraire and its team grow is an inspiring journey. artContraire a truly unique group of artists and people with incredible talents. The interaction of young and old fascinates me and gives me the opportunity to contribute my ideas to the artContraire team.

Matthis kattnis
The Cameraman

Matthis Kattnig

Artists have always fascinated me. With my moving images, I help to present their works to a large audience and satisfy our customers’ appetite for art.

Yelyzaveta lisa aksiutina
Miss Easteurope

Yelyzaveta “Lisa” Aksiutina

I appreciate the trust the artContraire management places in me. I grow up with my duties and I am proud to be a member of the artContraire team!

Peter forcher
Mr. Delivery

Peter Forcher

Fast, reliable delivery completes shopping with artContraire. I am delighted to see the satisfaction in our customers’ eyes as they receive their artworks.