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Our “House”

Through my parents I entered the world of art. Through the artists I have marveled at this world of colors and shapes. Through my work I am now beginning to understand it.

How it all began

We at artContraire are a young, ambitious team that has set high goals for itself. We are passionate about art and want to attract many people to art as well, while helping young artists to establish themselves in the international art market.

At the age of 18, our managing director Alexander Weiskopf founded his first art trading company. He was thus one of the youngest art dealers in the world. What he first considered a game as a student developed, to his surprise, into a “business” of his own, with which he could actually earn money. After the great success of his first art site, Alexander aspired for more. He teamed up with his friend and marketing expert Ingo Zipser to bring the world of art to a new, connected world through cross-industry expertise. They gathered other like-minded people around them who supported them unconditionally and were just as convinced of the success of what they were doing as they were themselves. The one-man company became a team.

The artContraire team confronted the uniformity of society and recognized the opportunity to improve the world through art. The more we delved into the art scene, however, the more we realized that artists today can hardly make a living from art alone and thus have to pursue a bread-and-butter job to survive. The great interest of these talented artists to find a suitable distribution partner did not let us go. Out of the knowledge of some tragic biographies and with the concrete plan to change the status quo in the art market, we and our friends dedicated ourselves to a new idea. artContraire was founded and the art promotion of creative minds began.

artContraire is a unique art trading company that combines the advantages of online sales with the possibility of personal contact between art lovers and artists. The company gives established as well as bold, emerging artists around the globe the opportunity to present themselves and their works to a worldwide audience.

This idea quickly found numerous supporters and thus we are in the privileged situation to accompany more and more internationally renowned artists on the art market. We at artContraire are proud of what we have achieved, but we always want to develop further and break new ground in the art industry. Help us to do so by investing in our artists!

Plea & House of artContraire


artContraire is a young company that has set itself the goal of bringing together diverse people, different worlds and seemingly contradictory realities of life with art, thus exposing burning problems in society and helping to extinguish them.

We live in a world full of contradictions. The individual is the most important thing, but at the same time it is increasingly being lost. Our society is digitalizing, the creative is being replaced by the practical in a reality that feels cold. We are driven by self-expression, optical distortions of reality and optimization of the self. Everything is seemingly growing more and more together, while at the same time the virtual world under the “incognito” cloak is causing resentments to rip open and spring forth. New barriers are emerging that further alienate us. The digital world is shaping reality as never before. A certain emptiness remains in people.

But artContraire recognizes an opportunity in this contradictory – contrary – world. As in the world of color, we see how opposites can not only cancel each other out, but also complement each other. We use this to bring people together. We want to bring color back into this cold virtual world. We want to celebrate our uniqueness and present the unadorned in a lightened way again. With our art platform we want to offer a place to those critical artists who stand up for values like openness, uniqueness, freedom and social justice in their works and their lives. We want to present artists who act as role models for our society. Our artists are ambassadors of life and at the same time ambassadors of artContraire.

We see the opportunity to create a real exchange between the real and the virtual world through our ambassadors. To give people all over the world a personal access to the creative process of art and also to participate in it. To bring personality, humanity and fairness to the fore.

In our house we bring – under the umbrella of our ideals – space, time, digitalization and the human being together and allow a new kind of exchange.

Our “house”

At artContraire, we want to break new ground in the art business. Our house is composed of the following.

Place ofencounter FoundationFundamental values OpenDoor toart Art mediation Artist management Art promotion


Fundamental values

Our values are the foundation on which we build a community. We value diversity, but want to promote particular fundamental values. We want our visitors to feel comfortable in our building.


Open doors, open hearts

Our house is open. Everyone is welcome to visit us. You can take away suggestions or enrich us with your ideas. A lively exchange of ideas with a wide variety of people is the goal. Our in-house art projects and cooperations allow artists and visitors to participate.

Place of encounter

One big family

Our house provides for unique encounters. We bring artists and art lovers together. The artists are our housemates. Our artists and their works are exhibited in our rooms. Our clients are our guests, whom we welcome and also consider as part of our family. They are invited to meet our roommates and take home many unique encounters.

Fundamental values

  • Together with our artists, art lovers and our environment, we form a diverse community as many mosaic stones of a colorful picture in our house.
  • We value human life in every form of being and celebrate uniqueness.
  • We tolerate the opinions of others. We seek to approach the world with openness, tolerance, responsibility and respect. Dialogue takes precedence over discussion.
  • We love art in all its manifestations and seek the true, the good and the beautiful, but do not leave the false, the evil and the ugly unexamined.
  • We are capable of learning throughout our lives, but we also recognize limits. A certain amount of serenity and humor makes our lives easier.

This is how we live our values

World community

We are people of this earth and therefore we do not allow ourselves to be confined to one country or region. We explore the continents and look for the new, even in the most remote corners. artContraire is an internationally operating art platform.


We are guided by, among others, Rudolf Steiner, who wanted to put into practice the principles of freedom of culture, equality before the law and brotherhood in economic life.

Win-win situations

Through our unique and personalized services, we convince our artists and clients. We want to create win-win situations for the benefit of all parties involved.


artContraire donates 5% of its own profit to social institutions. Currently we support the social association "Lienzer Brücke".


We also want to make the visitors of our house ambassadors of artContraire. Therefore we offer own exhibition opportunities and art projects, where everyone can actively participate and become part of the artContraire movement.