Michael Lang Sculptor

Sculpture Sculpture is such a thing. It is for me a direct and indirect search for form and design, which sometimes seems similar to an addiction. The impulse of two- and three-dimensional representation, surface, surface, color, space a sculptural design of life, if you will. But not the search for an art direction or sculpture line, which in my opinion is only for the gallery owner for sale of interest. It is the search for the new. So I leave my search free run and hope that it will never end!
– Michael Lang

Michael Lang’s sculptures don’t need an explanation, they speak for themselves. They should be thought-provoking or just inspire artlovers.

Born in the rough East-Tyrol in Austria, Michael Lang never had any other professional wish than to become a sculptor. At the age of six, Michael carved his first figure – a shepherd of lime wood. The artist calls the farm in which he grew up a “home with reference to art”.

Inspired by his uncle, who is a well-known artist working in New York, Tokyo and Korea, the 14 years old boy decided to study at the famous sculpture school Elbigenalp. After he successfully finished the school he founded his first gallery. Soon Michael Lang acquires a far-reaching reputation for his outstanding work. His intrinsically confidence grew and so he decided to open up a second one.

Today Michael is popular not only in the region. He is also well known in Europe for his honest artworks. We are grateful to know Michael, as – altough still young – he has the ability to show emotions in his artworks as nobody else.


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