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Morituri te salutant 1

Morituri te salutant 1 is fire engraving on paper that I have made in the year 2021. The dimensions are 30 x 40 cm. Do you like my art? Then take a look at more of my artworks on my profile page.

From the series Illuminated Moths

As a starting point for the series Illuminated serve the artist moths, which metaphorically fly into the (flame) light and burn. The drawings, which are (actually) burned into the paper, show the insects once as a confused, dancing, tumbling crowd, gathered around a cone of light; at another time they present themselves skewered in rows and columns as if in a showcase system, like an entomological study.

In the first case, a formal deceptive maneuver is concealed: the moths depicted condense away from the center towards the outside and, as it were, create a source of light in the center of the picture precisely through their partial absence, as if in an alternative ending.

Case No. 2 ironically considers the individual role of the unfortunate animals, which now stand as show objects of a completed collection in contradiction to their (involuntarily associated) inglorious fate.

Year 2021
Dimensions 30 x 40 cm

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    5% for charity
    If you buy this artwork, 5% of our profits will go to charities that support people from socially marginalized groups. Read more about our cheritable partner organisations.