Patricia Frida Mixed media artist

Patricia Frida

The base of my work is photography.

My objects are diverse and depend on my environment, which country I am in, my state of mind, or my mood.

But most of the time I take photos of faces and nature. Also, I like femal nudes or dancers.

As an ex fashion photographer, there is always a touch of fashion in my work. I do sometimes print my images in the darkroom, but not so much anymore, recently digital photography took over.

Also more and more I find images in magazines, in the streets or on the internet and I use photoshop to alter them.

I never know how the end result will look like, it’s a magic moment and that is why I am an artist.

– Patricia Frida

Patricia is an artist,

It means freedom to her. As an ex-fashion photographer she had to work with many people in a team. For her being a photographer in a team means that you have to create a balance between everybody. But she learned that it did not fit in her ideas of artistic freedom and so she decided to work on her own.

This happened 15 years ago in Paris when she was printing a lot of photos in her dark room. When she looked at the pile of bad prints she was sad to throw them away, so she started to use paint and chemicals to transform the original impression.

A few years later she moved to New York. Where she had to think big and her work was growing. That’s where she started to transfer her images on big canvas.

Her favorite tool is her FE2 Nikon. Photography is the base of her work.

Patricia enjoys and loves to take portraits of interesting people; especially that moment of intimacy when they are looking at her through her lense and Frida is catching the right moment to mirror them.

The nicest compliment she got was when one of her clients told her that she photographed his soul.

Her favourite material is paper. First of all, she prints on it, afterwards she transfers the print to canvas and then Frida covers parts of the canvas with all different kind of papers.

Her favourite colour is blue. For Frida it defines freedom, water, sky and mysters. It is also the colour of healing for her. When her work is going well, she is filled with a sense of harmony and fulfillment.

When she creates an image Frida forgets everything around her and its a kind of meditation.

The flexibility and spontaneity reflexes the personality of Frida, she never knows where she is going, she just goes and let it happen and then magic comes to Frida.