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We at artContraire provide diverse art for our customers, promote young talents and are also committed to social projects. artContraire provides 5% of its revenue to a social association in Austria.

Social association "Lienzer Brücke"

The “Lienzer Brücke“ is an Austrian social association founded by Andreas Weiskopf in 1990. At that time, Andreas Weiskopf worked as a sanatorium teacher at the children’s ward of the district hospital Lienz. After a girl had to be transferred to the Innsbruck clinic for bowel cancer and, sadly, died there without the presence of her parents, the special educator swore that in the future no East Tyrolean in a difficult situation should be there at the hospital without the proximity and assistance of close family members.

Thus, the “Lienzer Brücke“ was founded and its clearly formulated goal was implemented without compromise. In order to be close to their loved ones, accommodation in Innsbruck was found that was made available free of charge to the family members concerned. It should be mentioned that this aid is granted to every East Tyrolean, without having to be a member of the association or the need to make any other commitments.

Like artContraire, the team of the “Lienzer Brücke” goes new ways as an organization. To be efficient, the association does away with a bloated administration and is proud that every donation directly benefits the project. The special feature is that the services of the association are available free of charge for all.

artContraire is happy to support this association.