Mimi Staneva Painter

Mimi Staneva Portrait

When I am deeply involved in my creative process my psyche is happy that I let her speak and rewards me gratefully with glimpses into her inner workings.

– Mimi Staneva

Mimi Staneva was born in Bulgaria. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. Since 1999 she lives and works in Vienna.

Exhibitions in Bulgaria and Austria. Participation in the Graphic Biennale in Varna. Worked for Ernst Fuchs. Since 2015 collaborations with De Es Schwertberger.

Her intriguing earlier works, mostly etchings and watercolors, but also oilpaintings, surprise with astounding details and almost miniature like fineness.

Mimi Stanevas world is always figurative. She assembles hints of classical themes, autobiografical content, fantastic figures and portraits of people she knows, in a very personal narrative style. She integrates very lively portraits of herself In her recent oilpaintings.