Hannes Neuhold Sculptor

Hannes Neuhold

Hannes Neuhold´s artworks are as impressive as monumental. They fascinate the beholder with their individuality. All epic works of the artist are unique and created especially for the client. This was his masterpieces perfectly fit their location.

Neuhold offers the possibility of complex, even accessible sculptures with multiple floors inside and an escalator to reach them. For Neuhold it is the most important thing that every work has its own signature which guarantees an adorable sculpture for his clientele.

– Hannes Neuhold

Hannes Neuhold’s vita speaks for himself. In Austria Neuhold became famous thanks to his mindblowing works with stone and bronze.

Neuhold studied art at the “Graphischen”. Soon after his Diploma he had the honour to draw a poster for a worldwide campaign of Amnesty International. This participatin has led to aknowledgement of his abilities around the globe. Shortly after, the city of Vienna became aware of the international meaning of Hannes Neuhold and the cultural office rewarded him for his outstanding work.

And so, it went on. Every year he had magnificent exhibitions, which lead last year to the unique possibility to show his work at the Biennale in Venice.

His at the first view incomplete monumental sculptors always animate to think beyond the material and to forge personal interprations for his sculpters. Our team is delighted that we got the possibility to get to know this amazing artist and the opportunity to present his artworks.