Daniel Kubini Hospitality industry and cork artist

Daniel Kubini

I love to create: wood, metal, plastic, natural materials, painting, carving, building... You call it. I have always loved Beverages. And so, years ago while drinking champagne with friends in the kitchen I started to play with the muselt and cork: The first miniature was born!

Followed by old cigar and wine boxes coated with wine labels and corks. Later on came the idea with different lamps and light elements from champagne caps or corks.

Once inspired by other artists out there around the globe in 2012 i started to work on my first portrait while using only naturally stained used wine corks and “The Queen of Cork in oversize” came to life.

Every single piece I create is different and truly original. Custom made on request or just for fun and joy of doing it. Prices are on request only, depending on size and level of difficulty.

Let’s Cork & Roll!

– Daniel Kubini

Daniel Kubini is well known for his impressive works with his most beloved art material cork.

Kubini was born 1983 in Brezno, Czechoslovakia. From his earliest childhood on, Kubini was fascinated of the process to produce wine. To gather a deep knowledge in the field he decided to study at the Hotel Academy Brezno. After the successful graduation Kubini aka “Tutti” decided to move to Salzburg, Austria to refine his extraordinary skills in the wine sector.

The dream to connect his abilities in art and his passion for wine generated a worldwide unique idea to create artworks out of cork. Kubini’s dream became reality and so he affects the art world every year with new, mind-blowing achievements. For Kubini it is important that every piece of art has its own identity. One-way to guarantee this exclusivity is that every cork has a different natural color through the staining of the wine.

We are excited that we are able to sell the work one of the most talented and passionate artists we have ever met.