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Bernhard Gerstl The Bridge Builder

Bernhard Gerstl comes from Gießhübl near Vienna and studies law and economics in St. Gallen in Switzerland. He became aware of artContraire while serving his Austrian Memorial Service abroad in Shanghai and has been working with artContraire since 2018. His work with artContraire allows him to combine his personal interest in visual art with his studies and assignments abroad, while taking into account the economic considerations of the industry. Bernhard builds cooperations with artists and art collectors of the most diverse backgrounds imaginable.

My motto is based on Pablo Picasso’s quote: “The secret of art is that you do not seek but find”. It is our vision at artContraire to bring artists, artworks and artlovers together so that everyone wins. We enable the parties, who would otherwise only be seeking, to find each other.

Our Team Members