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Our Story

We at artContraire are a young and ambitious team that has set itself ambitious goals. We are passionate of art and we want to inspire many people for art, while also helping young artists to establish themselves at the international art market.

At the age of 18, Alexander Weiskopf founded his first art company. He was thus the youngest art dealer in the world. What he regarded as a student first as a game, developed to his surprise into a “business” with which he could actually earn money.

After the great success of his first art company, Alexander sought more. He gathered around like-minded people who supported him unconditionally and are as convinced of the success of their actions as he is. The one-man business became a team.

The value that art has in an increasingly rationalized time for our society became more and more clear to him. However, Alexander also quickly realized that especially young artists can barely live from their art anymore and that they have to pursue a different profession in order to survive.

He was not able to let go the thought of the great interest of these talented young artists, who aspire to go new ways with their art, but often struggle to find a suitable distribution partner for their unconventional work. With this in mind and no less than the plan to change the status quo on the art market, Alexander Weiskopf and his friends developed a new idea. We founded artContraire – an art company designed specifically to support young artists.

artContraire is a unique art company that combines the advantages of online distribution with an intimate relationship between the artist and the artlover. The company is meant to give established as well as aspiring young, bold artists around the world the opportunity to introduce themselves and their works to a wider audience.

This idea quickly found numerous supporters and thus we are in the privileged situation of establishing more and more artists in the international art market. We at artContraire are proud of what we’ve achieved, but we want to continue to evolve and break new grounds in the art industry. Help us with an investment in our artists!