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Hans-Peter Profunser
Atlas is a sculpture from serpentine. The dimensions are 2.4 m.

The price of this artwork is not publicly visible. Please write us to request it's price.
5% for charity
If you buy this artwork, 5% of our profits will go to charities that support people from socially marginalized groups. Read more about our cheritable partner organisations.

Additional information

Dimensions 2.4 m
Medium serpentine
Hans-Peter Profunser is an outstanding artist. The skilled mechanic was awakened from the profane professional career to the career of an artist by a “special event,” as it is called. He taught everything by his own and lives and works at a height of 1000 meters. One thinks to feel the fresh air together with other primordial qualities, as Profunser takes it up without hesitation and defer with his greatest, perhaps unconscious models. He dissolves titanic bodies out of the prisons of serpentine, Carrara marble, Krastaler marble and Zartrosa portuguese marble, which is reserved for popular “giantesses”. We don`t speak about the format, we speak about the inner scale, what is always thundering and roaring. Profunser loves the fragmentary, which must be supported with metal constructions. The seemingly realistic, out polished and then again crucible bodies are not pounded, like skinned muscle mass. Anatomy is not important, but an inner ecstasy that tears everything apart in an art-inspired creative process. Life in the countryside has shaped him, he says. Religious life, the peasant population with its individualism, but all this does not express itself, because Hans-Peter Profunser works for himself and wants to realize his own visions.

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