Oskar Stocker Painter

Origin1956 in Lienz, Austria

The artist

Oskar Stocker is one of the most striking portrait artists not only in Austria. The man with several university degrees has devoted his life to art. His “homeless” cycle places outsiders of our society as the focus of interest.

Portraits of faces from all the world

In “Facing Nations” he shows people from all 5 continents and sensitizes the viewer to the theme of racism. Through this work, he became internationally known and his works were even displayed in New York at the United Nations where they were admired and discussed. With his portraits of abused children he made the oldest Cistercian monastery in Austria, Stift Rein, into a pilgrimage place for countless art lovers.

With the artistic and social project “unique 2014”, his pictures of special children were displayed not only in a public exhibition but also became a central point in the town of Lienz. His pictures are known by all the audience of the cultural program “Erlesen” in ORF III.