Leo Mayr Painter

Leo Mayr Portraet Foto

Actually my work is not "nice". Even if the color palette at first glance conveys something warm and friendly, my content is violent. Not necessarily physically violent, but in addition to everything that is meant by including humorous, remains the confrontation with structural violence, against ourselves, our fellow human beings and the environment around us. This tragedy, the need for harmony and the contrasting nature of our behavior, is what appeals to me.

– Leo Mayr

Leo Mayr lives and works in Vienna and is an Austrian painter, sculptor, printmaker and draftsman. His family roots are in the Upper Austrian Traun- and Hausruckviertel. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the master class of Gunther Damisch, Veronika Dirnhofer, Christian Schwarzwald and currently with Julian Goethe.

In 2018 he completed an exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the painting class of Vladimír Skrepl.

His work is concerned with questioning the relationship of an individual to the world and of people to each other. It is an artistic examination of our society in which the artist acts as an abstracting filter. In many cases this also allows dream sequences to flow into the pictorial world. An important moment is the participatory observation of everyday life. The objects of observation are people in public space and their performance, clothing and the way they handle or use things.

Leo Mayr’s work gives space to figures who are often underrepresented without romanticizing them or looking down on them. In addition to the serious examination, humour and irony also play an important role. The work lives from an Austrian context, but does not draw exclusively from it.

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